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Texas firm provides knowledgeable guidance on major business transactions

Regardless of the size of your business or the field in which it operates, a merger or acquisition presents a complex series of challenges. Legal hurdles could thwart the transaction, and whether you are acquiring a company or being targeted, skillful guidance is necessary to protect your interests. At Karolyn A. Knaack, P.C. in Austin, I am an experienced Texas mergers and acquisitions attorney who steers clients through negotiations, due diligence and other elements of a purchase, sale or merger until the deal is closed. At every phase of the process, I will keep you fully informed of your options and the potential ramifications associated with each possible course of action.

Due diligence

From the point you begin considering a merger or acquisition, it is imperative to develop a comprehensive portrait of that company’s assets, liabilities and operations. One overlooked contract or unseen legal problem can transform what looked like a smart deal into a disaster. My firm assists businesses with a wide range of due diligence tasks. This might include conducting a thorough review of existing contracts or researching if a target company’s property is zoned for your intended use of it. Early, effective due diligence gives parties the chance to finalize a contract with confidence and to address significant problems before unnecessary time and money is wasted.

Contract negotiation

Reaching the right terms for a major business transaction can be an arduous task. As an accomplished attorney with an MBA degree who is also a small-business owner myself, I have the ability to identity key concerns that should be addressed in a contract. Once you have determined what your objectives are, my firm will work diligently to close the deal promptly and efficiently. I am a skillful and creative contract negotiator who is determined to help my clients achieve their goals. Whether you are looking to take over another business, want to receive the best possible price for your operation or intend to merge with a different company to create a stronger business presence, I am ready to work for you.

Advising businesses on regulatory issues, licensing and noncompete agreements

Many mergers and acquisitions require measures to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations. Licenses and permits might need to be transferred and larger deals could raise questions about potential antitrust violations. Contracts with executives and employees require a detailed review as well. If key personnel are departing as part of the merger or acquisition, non-compete agreements might be warranted in order to maintain the value of the acquired asset or new entity. My firm can also assist with utilizing legal instruments that safeguard intellectual property.

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